PJTV's Crowder on Canada's health care system

It’s a long vid (about 20 minutes) but it’s a good one and full of information Americans need in this debate on health care reform.



  1. Dude, that isn’t the Canadian health care system you’re seeing there – it’s the Quebec health care system.

    I live on the west coast of Canada, with relatives in Alberta, and what the video shows is unrecognizable.

    I choose my own doctor. I did not have a problem finding one. Or I can drop into a clinic within blocks of my house, any day of the week, and they’ll see me within 15 minutes or give me a slot within 2 hours to return for.

    Of all my relatives and friends, from cancer to diabetes to heart problems, they’ve been seen within hours for critical care, operated on within days or a week if required. The service is spectacular in those situations.

    Where in the USA, how many people die due to lack of insurance, or because some insurance company accountant ruled against treatment? Dead panels, indeed. There is no merit test applied here for care, monetary or otherwise, with the possible exception of transplant waiting lists (where the measure is potential years of life added).

    In a recent poll support for *expanding* our medicare system, vs expanding private options, was 86%. This video is a testament to the ability to lie via selective editing and choice of interviews.

    This guy seems to want to be the right’s Moore, in all the wrong ways. Accepting lying to make your point is kind of desperate, are you that close to losing the debate?

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