"Active incident" in southwest Leesburg? (Update – suspect surrenders.)

I just got this from the Loudoun Alert system:

Leesburg Police on the scene of active incident in SW Leesburg. All residents encouraged to stay out of the area or indoors

This might be more helpful if they’d give us a street location or a radius from a given point. And an “active incident” could be a train wreck, a tornado, a terrorist attack, or a gun fight. I know the Sheriff’s department would rather none of us knew what was going on and would simply follow their orders blindly but is it too much to ask for a little information about what we’re supposed to be looking out for?

Update: OK, here’s more information:

Leesburg Police believe an armed robbery suspect may be involved in a barricade situation on South King Street.

Police are advising people in southwest Leesburg to stay indoors.

The suspect is described as a black man with a shaved head.

He may have been involved in an armed robbery that occurred Friday morning at a pawn shop near the Loudoun County Courthouse.

Now you know. If you’re in the area lock the access to wherever you’re sitting at the moment and respond to the police with any sightings of the man described.

Update 2: This additional information just sent via Loudoun Alert:

On July 10, 2009 at approximately 11:27am, the Leesburg Police responded to an armed robbery which had just occurred at the Other Kind of Jewelry Store located at 120 East Market Street Suite B in Leesburg. Police Officers are searching for a black male armed with a handgun. The suspect fled on foot and is armed and considered dangerous.  The incident is on-going.  More information to follow. 
The Leesburg Police are encouraging citizens with any information regarding this incident to contact 771-4500 or 911.

Update 3: Thanks to fellow Twitterer puppyshine we have this story at Leesburg Talk that has an update as of 2:51PM today:

Update at 2:51 PM – friend tells me it was her cousin’s family who was held hostage and had their Jeep stolen. They are OK now. So likely the guy is alone in the place on Davis Ave. I guess it’s up to the guy how this ends up.

The author, Chuck Shotton, says he saw some of this go down from a 1st person perspective, so do head over to his article and give it a read.

Update 4: LoudounExtra is reporting that the armed thief has taken an elderly couple hostage in their homes and that police are trying to negotiate a safe end to this. Be sure to check out the comments in Chuck Shotton’s Leesburg Talk I linked above. There’s some good info in there. Also check this story at WTOP News and, again, read the comments.

Update 5: From the latest Loudoun Alert message:

The suspect involved in an armed robbery and barricade/hostage situation in the Town of Leesburg has surrendered to authorities. The two hostages were released and are being medically evaulated at this time but are considered in good condition.  
The suspect is now in the custody of the Leesburg Police Department and he is facing multiple felony charges.  
Units are currently clearing the scene and residents who were displaced from their homes during this time will be allowed to return in approximately 30 minutes.

I’m very relieved to hear that the situation is resolved and the hostages were unharmed.