Can we refuse to let her back in?

Just over 6 months ago perennial idiot, racist, and all-around loser buffoon Cynthia McKinney raised the bar on moronic behavior by attempting to run an Israeli naval picket line in order to bring supplies in to Palestinians outside of accepted channels. Little more than a publicity stunt, the even failed to attract major headlines. So, what does someone who’s truly stupid do when faced with a losing strategy? Why, she doubles down, of course. McKinney tried it again and screamed the same excuses she used the last time about being in International waters, blah blah blah. This time, she wasn’t just turned away or sent packing home as soon as they were caught. This time, she wound up in an Israeli jail. She’s due in court for a hearing Sunday.

Former U.S. lawmaker Cynthia McKinney is due to appear in an Israeli court Sunday after she and 20 other activists were taken into custody this week when their relief boat was seized by an Israeli naval ship.

The 2008 Green Party presidential candidate says the group, “Free Gaza Movement,” was trying to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza, but Israel says the boat attempted to sail through a navy blockade.

Israel said it would free the crew and passengers as soon as they were checked, but McKinney and the others say they refused to sign deportation forms because it would have entailed admitting they violated Israel’s blockade.

“The Israelis hijacked us because we wanted to give crayons to the children of Gaza,” McKinney said in a recorded statement delivered via telephone and posted on YouTube.

Nnnnnnoooooo, you’ve been legally arrested, not hijacked, and it was done because you willfully and with malice aforethought sought to illegally enter a foreign sovereign land with supplies unknown destined for people who have duly elected a government with the destruction of Israel explicitly encoded in their governing documents. “Crayons”, indeed. Not everyone is the imbecile you strive to be, madam.

My advice to the State Department: refuse to accept the deportation and let McKinney rot. At the very least, revoke her passport so we don’t have her befouling the honor of America further.