Hot Air: "WaPo a Pimp?"

Read all about it over at Hot Air but the short story is this: the Washington Post is presenting a new service wherein they will “facilitate” private, off-the-record meetings between “lobbyists and association executives” and powerful members of Congress, the Obama administration, and even its own reporters and editors. For a modest fee, of course. Somewhere between $25,000 and $250,000, dependent on which of the “powerful few” you’ve got a yen to meet with.

And just how critical of the administration will the Washington Post be – how dogged their investigations into the government – now that they’re selling access to members of that administration when that access could be pulled at any moment over something in a WaPo story that the government didn’t like?

A supposedly unbiased news organization is selling access that they need to stay in the government’s good graces to be able to offer. No further arguments accepted for so long as this service remains available: the Post is officially a propaganda arm of the Obama administration.