Washington Post editorial blatantly lies to cover their anti-gun bias

There is no excuse for what passed as “editorial content” in the Washington Post yesterday. There’s no denying it, either: either the so-called editor who wrote this piece of garbage has not a single clue, not one iota of knowledge regarding what he wrote or he’s lying through his teeth.

Titled, “Guns in Virginia,” this editorial advocates on behalf of a bill before the Virginia General Assembly. The WaPo editor is completely, totally wrong on the intent of the bill and on the premises upon which he builds the argument. Observe:

For years, state lawmakers have defeated bills requiring vendors at gun shows to conduct background checks of would-be buyers. Yet such legislation squeaked by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee by an 8 to 7 vote this week and is poised for a vote in the full Senate. Politicians of both parties, including self-described gun rights advocates, should endorse this modest bill.

Licensed gun dealers in Virginia are required to conduct background checks on buyers, including those to whom they sell at gun shows. Yet, according to the Virginia State Police, up to 35 percent of vendors at the scores of gun shows throughout the state are unlicensed and thus are under no obligation to perform the checks. This makes no sense, and the public is put at risk because felons or the mentally ill are not screened out if they attempt to purchase guns.

Emphasis mine. The statement I’ve put in bold is the crux of the entire argument put forth by the Post and it is 110% pure drivel. You see, what the Post is making absolutely sure they don’t tell you is that the 35% of vendors selling at gun shows who aren’t licensed aren’t selling guns. They can’t. They’re selling leather goods, knives, gun safes, jackets, gloves, hats, and a whole plethora of stuff that gun owners and hunters use and might be interested in. They don’t run background checks to sell people leather jackets because, aside from being a cosmically stupid idea, that’s not required by law. The editors at the Richmond Times-Dispatch are apparently not above actually doing the research because they knew full well that this was the case.

Gun-control advocates often muddy the issue by referring to “unlicensed dealers” at gun shows, of which there are indeed many. They sell holsters, flashlights, hunting knives, T-shirts, books, gun safes — even jewelry. But an unlicensed dealer who sold guns as a business would invite felony charges under federal law.

Damn right they would. This is where this gun-show “loophole” myth falls flat on its face in the sunlight of actual facts. Every single gun sale performed by every single licensed firearm dealer in every single location they perform said sales in must have a NICS background check performed by the dealer or he’s in violation of federal law and he’ll never, ever be allowed to sell guns again. Oh, and he’ll be hit with staggering fines. Oh, and jail time.

The Post knows this and is lying to you and everyone else in a desperate attempt to garner support. Or they don’t understand the topic and have been professionally negligent in the performance of their jobs. Either way, they are actively damaging the ability of Virginians to engage in the political process with correct information. To say they should be ashamed is an understatement. To say that someone at the Post ought to be getting booted out the door is justice but I’ll put money down that it’ll never happen.

The Washington Post owes the people of Virgina a correction and it should be put right there on the editorial page where this blatant falsehood was broadcast. What the Post’s editorial told all of us is dead wrong and they should not be relied upon for factual information where this topic is concerned.

Hat Tip to Jerry Furman, From On High.

Poll time! Residential Solar Energy

It’s time for a new poll and today I’m going to deal with a subject that has come to my attention recently: solar power. Specifically, residential solar power.

The technology for generating photovoltaic (or PV) solar energy has come a long way in the last 20 years and you’d be surprised at how much is available. I’m planning a couple of related posts on the topic this week but I wanted to get a sense from my readership about the interest level in putting solar power generation into your home. So have a look over there on the right and give me a click.


Excellent post on CO2, Temperatures, and Ice Ages over at Whats Up With That?

I’ve linked to the excellent science/environment blog Watts Up With That? on a few occasions here and the material has always been fascinating. Today I note there’s a guest “speaker” over at Watts who goes into detail on the concept of CO2 as a major driver of temperature differences. It’s truly an intriguing discussion and you should take the few moments necessary to read it. Information is key in this debate since people are using “scientific consensus” to make policy that affects you greatly. Be informed and be ready to enter the discussion when it comes up.

Micheal Steele elected as chairman of the Republican National Committee

Former MD Lt. Gov. Steele was elected yesterday as the new chairman of the RNC:

Steele, an African-American and Catholic, is noted mainly for his ability to organize, his welcoming of new and social media, and strong fiscal conservatism.

He also sees the Republican Party as the conservative alternative in the United States and not something to apologize for.

Hear, hear. OK, Steele, you’ve got the ball. Run with it. Read the whole story over at Bearing Drift for more detail.

Sen. McCaskill calls for capping exec salaries at Wall Street firms

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has introduced a bill that would cap the executive salaries of those companies accepting federal TARP money:

A day after President Obama unleashed a scathing rebuke of corporate America, Sen. Claire McCaskill introduced legislation Friday that calls for capping executive salaries at companies that accept federal dollars because of the economic downturn.

An interesting notion from a person who just allowed a self-granted pay raise to take effect, even in the face of this economic downturn.

Shocker: Obama wants to cut defense budget. (Update: Not so fast! Is that really a cut?)

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Obama to go to the liberal Democrats’ favorite whipping boy and start taking the long knife to the Defense Department’s budget. When he made the statement that he would cut government programs that he thought “weren’t working” it was pretty clear he was looking at the Pentagon.

The Obama administration has asked the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff to cut the Pentagon’s budget request for the fiscal year 2010 by more than 10 percent — about $55 billion — a senior U.S. defense official tells FOX News.

Last year’s defense budget was $512 billion. Service chiefs and planners will be spending the weekend “burning the midnight oil” looking at ways to cut the budget — looking especially at weapons programs, the defense official said.

Yes, cut those weapons programs. I mean, after all, the enemy’s not looking for new and improved ways to kill Americans, right? Russia’s not rattling their sabers and China’s not putting any money into upgrading their military capacity, right? And it’s not like America is actually being targeted by people who want to kill as many of our fellow citizens as possible or anything.

Oh… wait…

Yes, they are.

I’m not saying there isn’t waste in the DoD budget and spending and perhaps there’s even that 10% that they could actually do without. But is there any doubt that there’s an equal amount of waste in other departments? I work down there in DC, I know there is and some of those departments and programs are up to a lot more than 10% of their budgets in crap they don’t need to be spending money on. If Obama were sending out the word to all government departments and programs saying that they all needed to find 10% in their budgets to cut I’d feel differently about this. He isn’t. He’s got the traditional Democrat sneer at the military and he wants to cut their funding even if it means cutting their capability. We’ve been down this road before and it’s never ended well. This time won’t, either.

Update: Hang on there a second. A second report is showing that the submitted 2010 budget has an increase in DoD spending, not a decrease.

Yet another Obama nominee discovers he owes thousands in back taxes

What is it with these Obama nominees and paying taxes? All of them are these “high taxes are good” spendthrifts who preach raising whatever taxes you’ve got and yet, curiously, they can’t seem to manage to actually report all of their income and pay the taxes on them. Former Senator Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary, is the latest. When nominated for this post he “discovered” he owed more than $100K in back taxes and interest. In 2007 (you know, the tax year he’d have been reporting just last April) he failed to report $88K in consulting income. What will this be dismissed as? “Oh, sorry, I forgot”?

Only when he was actually nominiated did the issue become worthy of reporting and those taxes suddenly become important to pay up on. Does anyone really believe he’d have ever paid those taxes – taxes he owed, mind you – if he hadn’t been nominated? So, like Geithner, he’ll get to report them, pay the taxes and some token interest, and walk away from what you and I would be severely fined for. That’s assuming we didn’t get jailed. Hope, change, transparency, and a no-excuses non-corruption government? Oh, yeah… looks real good so far.