WaPo says Iraq improvements, “ought to mandate and already-overdue rethinking by the ‘this-war-is-lost’ caucus in Washington…'”

The editorial from this morning’s Washington Post, folks, is simply stunning:

Iraq passed a turning point last fall when the U.S. counterinsurgency campaign launched in early 2007 produced a dramatic drop in violence and quelled the incipient sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites. Now, another tipping point may be near, one that sees the Iraqi government and army restoring order in almost all of the country, dispersing both rival militias and the Iranian-trained “special groups” that have used them as cover to wage war against Americans. It is — of course — too early to celebrate; though now in disarray, the Mahdi Army of Moqtada al-Sadr could still regroup, and Iran will almost certainly seek to stir up new violence before the U.S. and Iraqi elections this fall. Still, the rapidly improving conditions should allow U.S. commanders to make some welcome adjustments — and it ought to mandate an already-overdue rethinking by the “this-war-is-lost” caucus in Washington, including Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

Emphasis mine, but the words are all WaPo. Is this stunning because this situation is news? Hardly. It’s stunning because the Washington Post has finally admitted the truth about what’s happening over there in Iraq. I sincerely hope the irony of their suggestion of a re-think isn’t lost on the editors there. The Washington Post is a member of the caucus of which they speak.

But when they’re right, they’re right. Obama is the cheerleader of the crowd chanting “Iraq is lost!” and using every opportunity to advocate dropping everything that can’t be carried in our troops’ 2 hands to run at top speed out of the region. Such thinking is, as they said, way past the point of requiring reconsideration and a person truly worthy of leading our nation would say so, bluntly. Obama won’t do that and that should be quite enough to question his fitness. He stands ready to do the bidding of people whose clearness of thought left them the moment George W. Bush took office and cut our friends and allies in Iraq loose to face the terrorists alone. America’s word won’t be worth the air used to speak it, neither in promise nor in threat. Friends and enemies alike will know it and, far from “returning America to the respect of nations,” America will be seen as a minor annoyance, easily ignored. Or stepped upon.

When even the Washington Post recognizes that the situation in Iraq isn’t what MoveOn and their ilk are trying to sell, it’s way past time for those who would be our leaders to wake up and start acting like they know the score. Kudos to the WaPo for joining us in reality. Now if only certain others of the left persuasion would do the same.

McCain more trusted than Obama, says Rasmussen

When asked which candidate they trust more in certain areas of public life it seems McCain is the man to trust, according to this report from Rasmussen.

When it comes to the economy, 47% of voters trust John McCain more than Barack Obama. Obama is trusted more by 41%. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey also found that, when it comes to the War in Iraq, McCain is trusted more by 49% of voters. Obama is preferred by 37%. McCain has an even larger edge—53% to 31%–on the broader topic of National Security. These results are little changed from a month ago.

Obama enjoys a 43% to 39% advantage when it comes to government ethics and reducing corruption. McCain has a 44% to 38% advantage on taxes.

Interesting. I wonder how that might change after Obama officially wins the Dem nomination and his views on the issues start coming under more scrutiny and comparison.

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)