Prince William Co., VA’s new issue with the illegals crackdown: Prostitutes – crime victims or crim perps?

Leave it to the media to make this into an alleged serious problem:

The new Prince William County initiative targeting crimes by illegal immigrants is posing special challenges when the crime is prostitution.

County police have said they will treat illegal immigrants who are criminals differently from those who are crime victims. However, some prostitutes could be both.

“[C]ould be both”? Last I checked, prostitution was illegal in Virginia. Committing an illegal act makes one a criminal. A prostitute is one who engages in prostitution. Ergo, a prostitute is (by our current laws) a criminal. It’s possible that they “could be both” victims and criminals. The story leans in the direction that it’s possible they’d be the former and not the latter. That’s incorrect: they may or may not be the former, but they are by definition always the later. In short, there should be no problem for the law enforcement team in determining which group the prostitutes belong. Only the members of our media need to make of this a dilemma.