Lingamfelter introduces bill to bring registration by party to Virginia

Via BVBL, VA Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has introduced HB20 which proposes to bring party registration to Virginia. This is long overdue here in the Commonwealth. The summary of the bill is:

Primary elections; voter registration by political party.  Adds party affiliation to the information that an applicant is asked to provide when registering to vote. The applicant may indicate that he is an independent. Voters registered prior to January 1, 2009, will be designated as independent unless they provide a political party designation in writing to the general registrar. Voters may change their party affiliation or independent status by written notice at any time except the 28 days before an election when the registration records are closed. The state party chairman of each political party must notify the State Board by January 31 of each year of the party rules governing who may participate in the party primary.

The bill was brought in the pre-filing stage and is pending a committee assignment.

When you are going to have the State involved in the process of party primaries, then it is imperative that the State have a method of determining who is supposed to be permitted to vote in them. Party nominees and platforms should be decided by members of the party, not by people unaffiliated with the party. It’s not fair that I, as a Republican, have my vote for my party’s nominee to a given office diluted by votes cast by people who aren’t party members. It’s not fair to the State to make that assertion and then deny the State the ability to know for sure who is and isn’t declaring themselves a member of the party. This bill would fix all of that.

Write your GA members and ask them to get behind this bill. Move it through the committee process as swiftly as possible and vote to pass it on the floor. Let’s get this going and have it ready for next year.