Elderly assault victim returns fire

I’m thinking it must’ve just torn the AP editors up to have to run a story like this without finding some way to put an anti-gun spin on things, but the facts are what they are. An Arkansas man confronted a burglar he’d discovered in his bedroom. Apparently holding onto a soda can to give his blows more impact, the burglar started beating the homeowner, striking him at least 50 times and knocking him out cold. The burglar then returned to the task of finding more stuff to steal.

The victim, who (by the way) is 93 years old, regained consciousness and got out his .38-caliber pistol and took aim. The burglar tried to rush the victim who responded by firing 1 round, hitting the oncoming burglar in the throat. Fight over.

When the police got there the burglar was conscious and said that he couldn’t feel his legs. He also said he had gotten what he deserved. I agree.

I’m glad the man chose to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights and I’m glad he was able to defend himself. Without that weapon, the burglar might have come at him that second time to finish the job, permanently. I’m also glad to see such a story reported without all the normal bending and twisting to try to make the gun owner seem like an idiot or some foaming-at-the-mouth Rambo. Let’s see some more of that, AP.


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  1. I missed this one, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It is very unusual for the media to honestly report successful armed self defense.

    The age of the intended victim may be a reason.

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