Loudoun grand jury indicts Republican Mark Tate

Mark Tate, a candidate for the 27th District of the VA State Senate, was indicted today in a court in Loudoun County, VA. They’ve returned the idictments on 9 counts of perjury and 2 counts of election fraud.

That’s all I know about it right now. As I was writing this I checked in with Too Conservative to see if they had any further details. So far, it’s very sketchy. More to come as I get more.

6 in 10 US Muslims don’t believe 9/11 carried out by Arab men

The Pew Research Center poll being reported today has some interesting items. The report shows that almost 80% of US Muslims do not believe suicide attacks are justifiable. That, unfortunately, leaves 20% or so either expressing no opinion or saying that it can either sometimes be justified or often justified. (Those last 2 categories are reported as being 7% and 1%, respectively.)

I’ll leave the particulars to interested readers to pick up. You can see the entire report here (PDF).

The item I really wanted to highlight was this one: Only 40% of US Muslims surveyed believe that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Arab men. In spite of the obvious evidence available from the investigations and the explicit admissions from Al Qaeda, they continue to disbelieve. The report doesn’t say who they think is responsible but there’s only a few suspects once you decide to deny the facts: the US government and Israel.

I’m really very happy that most US Muslims don’t think blowing up a bunch of school kids on buses is justifiable but how can we expect this particular segment of our populace to engage in our democracy when they so clearly distrust our government (by the people, for the people, and all that) that they’ll continue to believe Truther nonsense on so critical a matter as this one?

Death by Veganism

Nina Planck in The New York Times:

Indigenous cuisines offer clues about what humans, naturally omnivorous, need to survive, reproduce and grow: traditional vegetarian diets, as in India, invariably include dairy and eggs for complete protein, essential fats and vitamins. There are no vegan societies for a simple reason: a vegan diet is not adequate in the long run.

Dems backing down on funding timetables

The Dems in Congress are now saying they are crafting a bill that will provide our troops with the funding necessary to continue war operations without timetables demanding retreat. Read all about it here.

I’m a little intrigued by a comment reported from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD). He said, “I think at some juncture, the American People are going to say ‘Mr. President, you made your point. Now sign the bill.” Why am I intrigued? Because even I’m not so tone-deaf that I could make such a statement without acknowledging the fact that the American people could very well be saying that to Steny Hoyer and the rest of Congress.

You made your point. Now pass the bill.

“Click here to infect your PC”

If you saw this ad, would you actually click on it?

Drive-By Download
Is your PC virus-free?
Get it infected here!

Seems like around 400 people in a 6-month period did just that. A security pro by the name of Didier Stevens put that add up to see if he’d get any bites, and he did.

Folks, be aware that there are people out there who really are setting up sites to infect your systems with malware. Keep your anti-virus software updated, your firewalls active, and watch your step.