Early results from Canada show a minority win for Conservatives

Captain’s Quarters looks like the place to hit for the latest but you’ll be in lots of good company. Last I checked, CQ had registered almost 101,000 hits today with over 16,000 in the last hour. Man, I don’t get traffic like that in…. Who am I kidding? I don’t get traffic like that.

Check in with Michelle Malkin, too, for some of the roundup. One of her readers had an interesting question, to which Michelle had an interesting answer:

:::::::: And reader Chris H. in California writes:

“Our losers always tell us they are going to move somewhere like Canada if the voters have the arrogance to elect Republicans. Where do Canadians threaten to go?”

I dunno. Pyongyang?


Ooooo, that’s gotta hurt…

Canadians headed to the polls today

After the collapse of the Liberal-led government in Canada over the kickback scandals that received nearly no press here in the States, Canadians are going to the polls today to make their displeasure well known. Fine round-ups are located at Michelle Malkin‘s site and Captain’s Quarters. Ed Morrisey of CQ stands at an interesting spot in all this. His actions to tear away the veil of secrecy on the scandals were literally the only way this Liberal corruption was revealed to the citizens of our northern neighbor. Especially after the Liberal-induced judical gag order on the matter on all Canadian press was imposed, CQ was the sole outlet for concerned Canadians to get the information they needed to prepare for an informed decision today.

The conservative Tories look to win pretty big up there, coming up with at least enough to reverse the governmental makeup there and form a minority government. With the disaffection the other parties feel toward the Liberals – Bloc Quebecois in particular – they should be able to form the coalition they need to advance their agenda for the first time in a decade. Should be interesting.