Judge in DeLay case removed

Tom DeLay’s lawyers had earlier asked that the Judge in DeLay’s case down in Texas recuse himself because of the Judge’s support and contributions to left-wing MoveOn.org. Today the Senior Judge supervising Bob Perkins, the Judge in question, ruled in DeLay’s favor and has now sent the case over to C.W. “Bud” Duncan. Hopefully Judge Duncan’s political positions are more neutral and mainstream.

I think he deserves to be called an American

This in from Blackfive:

:::::::: Ask yourself that question.

Sergeant Walter Gaya from Deuce Four (recon scout/sniper) is from Argentina and not an American citizen. Just days before he was to become one, he was wounded. And a bureaucratic nightmare begins.


As they say, read it all. Then act – send a letter to your elected reps or contact the President and ask for his help. Avalanches start from the movement of the smallest of grains.