WaPo making it obvious again (Updated: NY Times, too.) (Updated again

On the Washington Post home page today, there’s a story about Clinton’s memoirs, a big headline about all the mistakes the Administration has made in Iraq (“Iraq Mistakes Loom Large”), one about the terrorist leader the Saudi’s killed yesterday “…After Hostage Beheaded”, a story about conjoined twins in Virginia who were separated surgically, and – important stuff here! – a farewell to the cicadas of brood X who have done their thing and shuffled off.

Not one story there about the amazing news from Russian President Vladmir Putin. The leader of the former fellow superpower, the largest single country on the planet, comes out saying he personally advised our leader of Iraq planning terror attacks against us during a very critical period and the supposedly premier newspaper of the Nation’s capital can’t be bothered to run a headline? What, this isn’t newsworthy?

Not at all. Just doesn’t play well into the “Bush Lied! Bush Lied!” story they want to sell.

UPDATE: While I personally don’t read the New York Times, I am aware of the Times‘ massive power to inform, or misinform, huge sections of the public. The fact that literally all the major television news outlets take their lead from the Times merely compounds the problem. So the editorial the Times has put out saying that the President is lying about the connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda is a particularly heinous one given that it’s basis is itself a lie. I direct you to the Power Line, a blog I just heard about this evening, and their fine write-up of the issue. They do the reporting of the facts that the Times is supposed to do.

UPDATE: I finally found where the WaPo put the story – on Saturday, it was on page A11. A story of this magnitude and they bury it. Good work, boys.