Welcome to the weekend

Left the office a little early this afternoon in the vain attempt to miss some of the traffic. I arrived home to find the painters still here painting 4 rooms of our house as we prep it to go on the market. We’ve lived here 10 years. One of the 1st things we did was to paint over the antique white decor in the living room, giving it some color and really making the (also antique white) fireplace mantle stand out. As I walked back in today, I see it again as it was when we moved in. I’d forgotten…

This is the 1st house we ever owned. We’ve come a long way since we were living in the 1 bedroom apartment in the basement of that building over in town. She and I were making, together, less than half what she makes alone today. Feels like a long time ago, but like last week, also. Being married this long feels that way, I hear, and I’m glad for it. It was 16 years ago, today, that we say “We do” up there in front of the priest. Here’s to lots more….