Obama Administration: detainees have no Constitutional rights & no access to US Courts.

So, how about them MoveOn.org creds, now? The Obama Administration has made a decision on the Constitutional rights and court access of those unlawful combatants being held at Bagram AB in Afghanistan:

Detainees being held at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan cannot use US courts to challenge their detention, the US says.

The justice department ruled that some 600 so-called enemy combatants at Bagram have no constitutional rights.

Most have been arrested in Afghanistan on suspicion of waging a terrorist war against the US.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air says:

The exact quote from the Barack Obama-era Department of Justice?  “Having considered the matter, the government adheres to its previously articulated position.”  The DoJ and the DoD consider Bagram detainees “unlawful combatants” without any rights to access the US court system and with no recourse for release.

Just as it did in the George Bush administration.  Remember how the Left considered Bush a war criminal for taking this exact position?  I’d like to see how they square the circle with Obama now.  A few like Glenn Greenwald will rip Obama on principle, but the rest will suddenly discover the reasonableness of detaining terrorists and treating them not like burglars but like enemy combatants who have themselves violated Geneva Conventions through their terrorism.

Just as we did in the George Bush administration.

The Left screamed bloody murder over this and are still trying to get someone, somewhere to put George Bush on trial. Now that The One has, basically, said Bush was right you’d think they’d scream at Obama the same way. You’d be wrong, of course, which begs the question of whether or not the Left’s real issue was the policy or the person whose administration articulated it.

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